High speed Internet

With our optical fibre network, you are connected at high speed!

Unlimited home phone plan

Enjoy our unlimited home phone plan around North America. You will be impressed by the amazing clarity of our phone network.

High definition television

Discover our high definition and 4K HDR custom packages. Our high quality service works day and night, 24/7, in any weather situation. Over 100 channels are available for your viewing tastes.

Stay connected!

Much more than a router

The GigaSpire is much more than a router. Its great Wi-Fi coverage ensures quality service...
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Launch of the suicide prevention hotline 9-8-8

Today marks the official launch of the new service 9-8-8. This suicide crisis hotline is...
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A new smart service

Since last spring, our team has been working hard on a project to improve IHR...
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