Home Phone

The unlimited phone service you need

You can keep your phone number! Our service uses the internal circuitry inside your home, so it is compatible with all of your existing equipments. The connection of your house to our phone network will be done by one of our technician. The telephone signal will be converted to our optical fibre network for an increased reliability. This service is available to every customer who has access to the optical fibre. You have more questions? Contact us right now!


Our unlimited home phone packages

All our plans offer high quality digital sound, unlimited calls everywhere in North America and a reliable 911 service.

Standard Home Phone

  • Unlimited calls to Canada and the U.S.
  • 100% digital sound
  • Evolved 911

Advanced Home Phone

  • Standard Home Phone Included
  • 10 evolved options including :
    • Call display
    • Voicemail
    • and many more!
See the 10 included add-ons

Technical information related to 9-1-1

IHR Télécom hosts the evolved 911 service (E911). In case of emergency, the call center attendant will confirm your home adresse. If you are unable to speak or communicate, a rescue team will be sent directly at the location of our equipment. A batterie is installed next to your modem, so you can use your phone even during a power outage. IHR is unable to install your landline to a different adress than your modem. If there is a mistake with your service address, contact us by dialing 450 346-0057.

Evolved Home Phone plan

All the following options are included in our Evolved Home Phone plan.

Number display

Registers the callers who have been trying to reach you. You need a working display screen.

Name display

Displays the name of your callers.

Call waiting

You can’t miss a call when you are on the line. You have an option to answer right way.


Our most popular choice. A 24/7 working service, so your callers can leave you messages when you are away or busy.  You don’t need an answering machine anymore!

Call fowarding

Transfer your calls to any other home line, or even your mobile phone. Easy to use.

Three way calling

Three way conversation. A nice tool to organize family reunion or business calls.

Voicemail by e-mail

Read your voice messages with your computer or smartphone. You have to contact one of our agents to activate this function.

Last call return *69

You were on the line or missed a call? You can get the number that tried to reach you while you were busy.

Atomic clock

You encounter frequent power failure in your sector? You can use the *60 option to have access to the atomic clock.  This will make it easier for you to reprogram your electronics to the right time.

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