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Much more than a router

Published on : 20 December 2023

The GigaSpire is much more than a router. Its great Wi-Fi coverage ensures quality service throughout your home. Need assistance? Our customer service can provide you with optimal technical support through remote diagnosis and management. In addition, its switch interface allows wireless TV! And what about the many benefits of the IHR WIFI* application that offers a plethora of features to make your life easier and adapt your experience to your needs.


Since its launch, our IHR WIFI* application has made our subscribers happy because it allows them to easily manage their network.

Network and access management

Screen time schedule configuration

Speed tests


That’s why the following router NEW FEATURES make us proud:


Simply activate the IHR Protection feature and your GigaSpire router will work discreetly in the background to detect and block malicious traffic. This shield will protect you against all kinds of cyberattacks, giving you peace of mind.


Advanced Parental Control

You are now able to restrict access to specific content, applications, and websites. Uncertain about which content to block? Simply apply the filter based on your child’s age group.

Prioritize certain devices

Are you experiencing connection issues when multiple users are online simultaneously?
Prioritizing certain devices can help you avoid latency.

*IHR WIFI app is free with the Gigaspire router. Learn more

Certain conditions apply.

Would you like to install the IHR WIFI app to take control of your Internet?
Simply follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide

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