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Published on : 27 March 2016

A 2 million dollar subvention was all that was missing for Développement Innovation Haut-Richelieu to go forward with their project. DIHR will soon invest 5.8M$ to offer a reliable high speed internet connection to remote locations around le Haut-Richelieu.

In 2007, le Haut-Richelieu gave permission to DIHR, a non profit organization better known under the name of Internet Haut-Richelieu (IHR), to operate and offer high speed internet in remote locations that can not be reached by the biggest telecommunications entreprises.

IHR rely on the WiFi technology, and invested in a large network, using existing structures such as churches and farming silos to install their antennas, directly connected to the optical fibre network of le Haut-Richelieu.

Thanks to the project “Un Canada Branché’’ by Industrie Canada, IHR earned their 2 M$ subvention and can continue their good work. About 3 000 customers will enjoy the new service.

The project keeps going forward, and soon new equipements will be available to upgrade the reception across the network. As the technology keeps being perfected, IHR stands strong, using new wave spectrum for enhanced capabilties.

The network is being implanted, and should be fully operationnal by march 2017. The moment the work will be complete depends on the autorizations we need to get permission to use the existing phone lines.

Citizens who are interested by IHR services can call the 450 346-0057 to know about the availibility of the service in their region. The web site is also available at

Connecting Canadians to each other and to the world is at the heart of Canada’s digital economy and the key to unlocking our tremendous economic potential.

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