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Launch of the suicide prevention hotline 9-8-8

Published on : 30 November 2023

Today marks the official launch of the new service 9-8-8.

This suicide crisis hotline is initiated by the CRTC, the Public Health Agency of Canada, CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), and telecommunications and wireless service providers across Canada.

Everyone plays a crucial role in suicide prevention, which is why IHR Telecom is proud to connect its subscribers to this resource. 9-8-8 is for Canadians in need of immediate intervention during a suicidal crisis. Additionally, the option to send text messages to 9-8-8 will enable those in crisis who cannot safely make a call or prefer texting to receive support. The implementation of 9-8-8 will help reduce barriers to mental health resources and suicide prevention. This number will be available nationwide, at all times and free of charge. A single, easy-to-remember point of contact will provide essential assistance to individuals in crisis and will be crucial in saving lives.

Keep in mind that if you need support or want to help someone, you can always, for free and confidentially, be accompanied by a counselor:

• Calls or text messages: 9-8-8;

• Info-Social: 8-1-1;

• to chat with a counselor;

• For any emergency: 9-1-1

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