Who are we?

IHR Télécom is a non-profit organization located in the MRC Haut-Richelieu proposing telecommunication services such as Internet, television and phone by fibre optics. IHR is still in developpement, and give services to over 1400 customers since 2008. This project is partially financed by the government program Un Canada Branché.


Promoting and implementing structured projects to facilitate, maintain and support financial sustainability and economic, cultural and social activities in rural and suburban sectors.

Innovation : The optical fibre

The optical fibre project of IHR Télécom is located in the MRC Haut-Richelieu. It will deploy brand new optical fibre in this region, which will help in connecting new customers and update a few relay and wireless towers. We will be installing about 210 kilometres of optical fibre and will connect over 2 000 homes to a network that can reach 125 Mbit/s. The update of our existing installations will give you the opportunity to reach speeds over 5 Mbit/s over the wireless network. This project will take place from automn 2015 to spring 2017.