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A revised deployment schedule!

Published on : 17 May 2022

A revised deployment schedule!

The fiber optic project in the MRC of Brome-Missisquoi, deployed as part of the Connect to Innovate program, continues to move forward and evolve, as does our deployment schedule! It is therefore with pleasure that IHR Telecom has reviewed the dates scheduled for the arrival of its services at the addresses that appear on the deployment plan for each municipality.


A new order of priority

The revised connection goals prompted IHR Telecom to revise the order in which municipalities are displayed on the rollout schedule. The town of Abercorn is now higher on this one since the high-speed Internet network is now fully completed in that area.


A new geographical tracking map

A geographical map of the fiber deployment in Brome-Missiquoi with a color code has also been designed and will be updated as municipalities are connected. The goal is to give a better visual idea of ​​where IHR Telecom’s network is located in the field.


Be there on the third Tuesday of each month to follow the progress of the construction of IHR Telecom’s fiber optic network. As was already the case, percentage progress for each stage of construction of the fiber optic network is available in the fiber optic deployment calendar in Brome-Missisquoi.

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